Strong Families -Foster Care
Fostering is taking on a challenge heart first!

Forestdale’s Strong Families – Foster Care program provides nurturing homes to help more than 500 youth achieve their personal, academic and professional goals.

Like all kids, children in foster care need guidance, patience, love and a strong education. If you chose to become a foster parent, your role is to parent children who face adversity, helping them heal and thrive.  Forestdale supports foster and birth parents so they and their children, birth to 21 years, are successful. We provide training and counseling so the children, birth parents, and foster parent can thrive.

Forestdale has a strong track record of success in helping families succeed:  we have pioneered a parental attachment model for system-involved families that has become a citywide foster care standard (i.e. the University of Delaware’s evidence-based Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up model); we partnered with New York University’s Child Study Center to pilot the evidence-informed model of Trauma Systems Therapy to help families heal; and we have received good reviews for our work, including a Safety score from the City of 94 (on a scale of 100),

Parenting is not easy. In fact, you’ve never done anything so challenging. But the rewards are immense. You’re volunteering to save a life, and hopefully help a family reunify. And Forestdale will be with you every step of the way.

January Foster Parent Trainings


Friday 1/26/18 10am-12 pm Blueprints for Behavior
Wednesday 1/31/18 6-8 pm Anxiety Disorder (Special)
Saturday 1/13/18 12-2 pm Foster Parent Support Group Meeting


Wednesday 2/7/18 10-12 pm Depression in Children (Special)
Thursday 2/8/18 6-8 pm Fidget Spinners: Don’t get lost in the whirlwind and Understand ADHD (Special)
Wednesday 2/14/18 10-12 pm Foster Parents Rights and Responsibilities (Mandatory)
Thursday 2/15/18 6-8 pm Depression in Children (Special)
Friday 2/16/18 10-12 pm Fidget Spinners: Don’t get lost in the whirlwind and Understand ADHD (Special)
Thursday 2/22/18 6-8 pm Foster Parents Rights and Responsibilities (Mandatory)
Friday 2/23/18 10-12 pm Spanning Children’s Development
Thursday 3/1/18 6-8 pm Spanning Children’s Development
Wednesday 3/7/18 10-12 pm Foster Parents Rights and Responsibilities (Mandatory)
Wednesday 3/14/18 10-12 pm Parenting the Special Need Child (Special)
Thursday 3/15/18 6-8 pm Foster Parents Rights and Responsibilities (Mandatory)
Thursday 3/22/18 6-8 pm Parenting the Special Need Child (Special)
Friday 3/30/18 10-12 pm OSI  


MAPP Training

1/27/18       10am- 4pm

2/3/18       10am- 4pm


Cycle 2

10 Wednesdays from 6 pm- 9 pm

2/7/18 Meeting 1                             

2/14/18 Meeting 2                                                   

2/21/18 Meeting 3                          

2/28/18 Meeting 4                          

3/7/18   Meeting 5                     

3/14/18 Meeting 6

3/21/18 Meeting 7 

3/28/18 Meeting 8

4/4/18 Meeting 9

4/11/18 Meeting 10


 **Please don’t bring any children (your biological children or foster children) to the trainings.

The materials presented are not suitable for them and we have no one to watch them.

  1. Please RSVP at least two days prior to the training you are planning to attend
  2. Your home will not be recertified if you don’t have enough training hours
  3. Most of your trainings hours must be completed at Forestdale
  4. Keep track of the trainings you’ve already attended.


If you would like to complete some foster parent trainings online use the following link.


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