December 7, 2018
Annual Appeal 2018



Each year, our pediatrician examines children closely, uncovers life-threatening conditions, and helps children obtain life-saving medical attention. A safe environment, consistency, and positive stimulation also have a healing effect on a child dealing with trauma. Your contribution to Forestdale will help more than 1,500 children get the individualized help they need to rise from adverse childhood experiences and seize the opportunity to flourish.  $250 can pay for services, like a coaching session that helps children bond with their parents.
Our Preventive services help preserve families that have experienced instability, doing the necessary work of strengthening the family so they can remain together or reunite successfully. After receiving help with employment or housing or mental health services, parents can give their children the opportunities they deserve. $500 can help pay for necessities such as the security deposit on an apartment for a family moving out of a homeless shelter.
Our renowned parenting programs for mothers and fathers bring together parents who are committed to being great moms and dads, and give them the tools to do so. $2,000 can help sponsor activities like a retreat for 30 fathers to learn more about child development, parental cooperation with their children’s mothers, and how to provide substantial financial and emotional support for their children.
Whatever you can give, $5 or $10,000, will be pooled with other funding to bring health, well-being, and joy to more than 1,500 children.
Thank you for your generosity this holiday season.


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