January 14, 2020
Forestdale Awarded $29,000,000 to Expand Services that Help NYC Families in Distress Heal and Create a Brighter Future
The agency to expand services in Queens and return to its roots in Brooklyn

FOREST HILLS, NY -Forestdale is delighted to announce that it has been awarded five multi-year Preventive Services contracts by the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). These 3-year awards, which begin July 1 and total over $29 million in funding, support counseling, employment, housing, material assistance, and educational services for 500 additional Queens and Brooklyn families each year.   Forestdale collaborates with ACS, and other human service agencies, to serve families who are experiencing instability and are seeking to stay together, avoid foster care placement, and provide a safe home environment to meet their children’s developmental needs. ACS is funding a greater variety of preventive methods to better customize the approach for each family. The new Forestdale Preventive Services awards include a goal-oriented casework model with proven results (Solutions-Based Casework), a unique model for families struggling with mental health or substance use (Family Treatment and Rehabilitation), and an evidence-based model that helps children & families heal from trauma (Trauma Systems Therapy).   “As a Queens-based agency, we are excited by the prospect of working with communities across Queens to improve the lives of families,” stated Bill Weisberg, Executive Director of Forestdale. “We are also thrilled to get back to our roots in Brooklyn, where we began our work in 1854. Families come to us seeking assistance to overcome histories of oppression, poverty, and disruption. We work with each family to execute an individualized plan to regain stability and health, and help their children obtain the success they deserve.”   “This dramatic expansion fits in with our plan to identify multiple paths for families to heal from traumatic experiences. We achieve this through our renowned parenting programs, parent-child attachment treatments, foster care, preventive, and medical and behavioral health services. We also provide an array of supports to help young adults make the leap into healthy adulthood,” said Bob Whiteford, Board Chair. “The five new ACS Preventive Services awards will allow us to continue our mission – to ensure that children and families have the assets needed to thrive and live independently.” As a result of these awards, Forestdale will open new offices in Jamaica, Queens, and Downtown Brooklyn, while expanding services at its main campus in Forest Hills, Queens.   

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