Strong Families -Preventive Services
Forestdale begins with the fundamental understanding that parenting is challenging for everyone, and that we all need a helping hand

For families in distress, Forestdale’s Strong Families: Preventive Program provides a bridge to stability. The program helps families address chronic problems such as long-term unemployment, truancy and homelessness—all risk factors for foster care removal. The program also supports families whose children have previously been in foster care.

Our Strong Families: Preventive Program helps families address parenting, mental health, substance abuse, housing, and employment needs through home visits, coaching, referral to expert services, and referrals to and assistance with obtaining entitlements.

This unit helps families in crisis (with children ages 0-18) remain together safely by assisting them in mastering parenting skills, obtaining housing, and securing gainful employment. In FY 2018, we served 173 families (683 individuals); more than 99% of these families were successful in averting separation through foster care with our help. This year, we were pleased to add Preventive Services for families under Court Ordered Supervision (a higher level of protective monitoring) for families affected by mental illness or addiction (our Family Treatment and Rehabilitation model).

Last year our staff received a 95% rating from the Administration for Children’s Services, with high commendations for reducing safety concerns and recurring risk factors among families.

For more information on our Preventive Services, please contact Rose Jones at or (718) 263-0740 ext: 567

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