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Forestdale begins with the fundamental understanding that parenting is challenging for everyone, and that we all need a helping hand

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Our society is making the welcome transition from harshly judging to truly helping families when they are struggling. Preventive Services have played a central role in that transition, keeping families together and stabilizing and setting a course for future success.

Professional case planners meet with families in their communities, partner with them to conduct an assessment, and develop a plan to address the family’s needs better.   When families hit roadblocks created by material poverty, mental health, addiction, or oppression, Preventive staff members help (i.e., housing advocacy, employment training, clinical services, or educational help for children or parents).

Forestdale Preventive families have been successful, with 98% able to stay together as they begin to heal from extreme stress or traumatic events.

Forestdale was pleased that the NYC Administration for Children’s Services recently awarded us a significant expansion of our Preventive Services, serving the entire boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Forestdale offers 3 program models:

  • Solution-Based Casework: A goal-oriented casework model with proven results
  • Family Treatment & Rehabilitation: A unique model for families struggling with mental health or substance use
  • Trauma Systems Therapy: An evidence-informed model that helps children & families heal from trauma

Forestdale has delivered high-quality Preventive Services for over 20 years. We’ve served thousands of families, providing the support that builds on each family’s strengths. If your family can use some help, we are here for you at our Forest Hills headquarters, and our new Downtown Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens, locations. We can also visit you at your home.

We look forward to offering our best services to you and your family. Please contact Ms. Jasmine Pitts, the Administrative Director of Preventive Services, at, to get started.

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