Our heart goes out to the victims of the recent earthquakes in Mexico and the Hurricanes that have ravaged the Caribbean and parts of the United States. Hundreds of lives have been lost, and many of us personally know families who have been devastated by these natural disasters. As part of a world community, we are also heartened by the great acts of kindness demonstrated as one neighbor risks her life to rescue another, or as so many around the world contribute to help communities rebuild.

On another note related to that spirit of community and of neighbor helping neighbor, we hope our country will reestablish the DACA Program. We serve some young people who were born and have spent their whole lives here in the U.S. but only have official status under DACA. As an organization, we find the move to deport over 800,000 employed DACA recipients out of the only country they have ever known to be devastating to families, our city, and our nation as a whole. Over 91% of Dreamers are gainfully employed, serve in the military, and in the case of Alonso Guillén, died attempting to save people’s lives during Hurricane Harvey. The President has asked Congress to take action on this important issue, and we hope they will do so soon, so our Dreamers will neither face deportation nor be forced to linger in a state of anxious limbo, not knowing whether they have to leave home forever. As Forestdale continues to work with families to provide caring and stable homes for children, we hope our country will take an easy step to be that caring and stable home for hardworking young people who were born here and would like to keep contributing to the health of our nation.

If you would like to help provide relief for victims of the recent natural disasters, there are many good groups doing work. The New York Times article in the link below has more information on how you can help.

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Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
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