Consider supporting Forestdale's Strong Mothers and Strong Fathers program.

As a result of a recent reduction in government funding for our parenting programs, we need your help to ensure that Forestdale parents get the intensive counseling, classes, and other resources they need.

Last year, more than 300 parents at Forestdale took classes in anger management or parenting, received peer support, engaged in expert mental health services or counseling, and participated in family planning.

Help parents be the best parents they can be.


Our Executive Director William Weisberg discussed Forestdale's work with CBS News correspondent Bianna Golodryga for a podcast. Bill had the opportunity to speak about some of Forestdale's impactful work to strengthen families through partnerships, including Culture for One, Attachment and Biobehavioral Catchup (ABC) and the Mockingbird Family Model (MFM).

Bianna wanted to discuss foster care during the Holiday Season to draw attention to the vulnerability of some children, and discuss what people can do to help.

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Forestdale Executive Director Bill Weisberg Chosen for Network of Cross-Sector Leaders Working to Advance Economic Mobility in NY

City leaders across nonprofit, government, and business sectors join forces to make systems impact

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Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
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Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
# of children we protect each year in foster care. 100% who graduated high school were admitted to college.
Families stay together, play together. 400 receiving health services on-site at Forestdale.
Graduation rate for Strong Fathers, where men become great dads

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Forestdale’s mission is to ensure children have the fundamental assets they need to thrive: a safe and loving home, education and career opportunity, and health literacy.

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