PROTECTING IMMIGRANT CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: A Message from Forestdale’s Executive Director

My paternal grandfather came to New York as a refugee from near Kiev, Ukraine as a young boy. His family was desperately poor and suffered prejudice in Europe and here. After living on the rough streets of New York City as a teen in the early 1900s, he eventually made his way in this world, and was the proudest American I’ve ever known. His story is like so many stories of courageous and hard-working immigrants from all over the world who come to the U.S. seeking a better life for the next generation of children.

Queens is the borough of immigrants and the families we serve at Forestdale come from more than 100 different countries, almost every continent, and have a broad variety of religious affiliations and beliefs. Together, we are the threads of a beautiful and intricate tapestry.

We believe that any attempts to limit entry of refugees to the United States based upon nationality or religion is completely un-American and cruel.

Families come to Forestdale seeking help because they cherish their children’s well-being. At Forestdale, we want you to know that we will help you and your family no matter where you come from, no matter what your religion. We are proud to be part of a sanctuary city, and we will continue to fight against any prejudice that comes your way. All are welcome here.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns:

-William Weisberg, Executive Director

Forestdale Honors National African American History Month

National African American History Month in February celebrates the contributions that African Americans have made to American history in their struggles for freedom and equality and deepens our understanding of our Nation's history. ( n.d.)

The theme for 2017 focuses on the crucial role of education in the history of African Americans.
Throughout the last quarter of the twentieth century and continuing today, the crisis in black education has grown significantly in urban neighborhoods where public schools lack resources, endure overcrowding, exhibit a racial achievement gap, and confront policies that fail to deliver substantive opportunities. The touted benefits of education remain elusive to many blacks of all ages. ( n.d.)

Forestdale seeks to correct this trajectory, and provide educational and college support to youth transitioning out of foster care and into successful adulthood. Forestdale is proud to honor National African American History Month, and feature several African Americans who helped shape, and were shaped by, American History.

(left to right, top to bottom)
Sojourner Truth
Joe Lewis
Shirley Chisholm
Jackie Robinson
Ella Fitzgerald
Fredrick Douglass
Maya Angelou
WEB DuBois
Barack Obama
Marian Anderson
Bass Reeves
Michelle J. Howard

Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
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Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
# of children we protect each year in foster care. 100% who graduated high school were admitted to college.
Families stay together, play together. 400 receiving health services on-site at Forestdale.
Graduation rate for Strong Fathers, where men become great dads

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Forestdale’s mission is to ensure children have the fundamental assets they need to thrive: a safe and loving home, education and career opportunity, and health literacy.

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