Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
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Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
# of children we protect each year in foster care. 100% who graduated high school were admitted to college.
Families stay together, play together. 400 receiving health services on-site at Forestdale.
Graduation rate for Fathering Initiative, where men become great dads

Innovative and Cutting Edge Services Since 1854

Forestdale’s mission is to ensure children have the fundamental assets they need to thrive: a safe and loving home, education and career opportunity, and health literacy.

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Forestdale Attachment Intervention Discussed on WNYC's "Leonard Lopate Show"

Author Paul Tough discusses childhood adversity and stress on the Leonard Lopate Show, and highlights Forestdale's Attachment and Biobehavioral Catchup as a program that delivers results.

Forestdale's segment begins at 17:00

Forestdale's Backpack Drive

Forestdale's Backpack Drive is underway, and it is our goal to provide over one thousand children with new school supplies!

Together with High Water Women, Forestdale is making a huge impact on hundreds of students this upcoming school year. Your donation of $25 provides all that a child needs to succeed!

Paul Tough's Book on Childhood Adversity Featured in the New York Times

David Brooks penned an Op-Ed piece on Paul Tough's book "Helping Children Succeed".

"Many teachers sense that students are more emotionally vulnerable today. Social policy has to find a hundred ways to nurture loving relationships. Today we have to fortify the heart if we’re going to educate the mind."

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