PRESERVING FAMILIES: A Message from Forestdale’s Executive Director

We are pleased that when legitimate child protective concerns arise for families in New York City, they are more and more frequently receiving Preventive services and less and less frequently having their children removed from the home. Because this can have long-term traumatic impact on a child, removal from the home should be saved for situations of imminent danger. Forestdale is pleased to participate in this trend toward family preservation, and is expanding its preventive services to support it.
But when concerns about danger to a child require that the child find a temporary home, the quality of the foster home becomes paramount. Forestdale is so pleased to have hundreds of volunteers who have stepped forward to provide loving homes for as long as a child in need can benefit from it. Our foster parents are awe-inspiring as they work to be parents, guidance counselors, cooks, and academic tutors to children.
Mr. and Mrs. M. have been foster parents for 10 years; currently, they are caring for a set of 11 year old twin girls. They work very hard to provide the children with a safe home, and support their health. They love the girls and stayed by the side of one of them as she had a serious medical need and was hospitalized for a few days. They were there with her night and day and are very happy that she is better and happily running around outside this Spring. They keep all the children’s appointments and advocate for their well-being while navigating through an intimidating health insurance system. The girls are now freed for adoption; their loving foster parents have begun the adoption process.
There can be nothing more important than providing a child with a safe and nurturing home. Every day, Forestdale witnesses, works with, and supports families struggling to make their lives whole. Despite the many obstacles they face, parents and children actively engage with us to progress up the road to a brighter future. They work toward and dream of a stable home life, financial independence, quality health care, a rewarding career. Through our many programs and services, Forestdale provides the foundation and ongoing support to give thousands of Queens' residents a fair shot at a life that is happy, healthy, productive, and fulfilling.
This National Foster Care Awareness month, please consider becoming a foster parent. You can hold the key to a child’s future. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a foster parent,

-William Weisberg, Executive Director

Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
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Ensuring that children and families learn, love and laugh
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