Share the Love: Become a Foster Parent
We’re looking for caring people to provide love, guidance, and temporary homes to our wonderful children and youth

Forestdale is looking for special people to provide temporary homes, guidance, and love to young people who cannot safely remain with their parents. Your role is to provide children and teens with the emotional support they need to heal and thrive. At the same time, you work with Forestdale to help birth parents make progress towards rebuilding their families. In most cases, foster children reunite with their birth parents; when it is not safe to do so, Forestdale will facilitate the adoption process.

As a foster parent, you will provide what all loving parents do: food, shelter, clothing, stability, discipline and a caring home environment. Foster parents serve as champions for the children in their care, helping them gain self-esteem, achieve in school, and acquire the life skills they need to lead fulfilling lives. If you love and understand children, you’ve already met many of our qualifications.


Forestdale, Inc. is seeking to certify Foster Parents to provide Respite Care.  As a respite foster parent you will take short-term, temporary placements of children. The children can remain with you on a short-term basis. A respite parent will be available to assist the child’s foster parent with time away from their duties, vacation placement or for the foster parents to take care of personal business.   The certification process is the same.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a foster parent at Forestdale, please email, or contact the Foster Parent Support and Recruitment Department at 718-263-0740 x602.


July 8th 3-5pm

July 12th 12-7pm (Open House)

July 18th 10-4pm (Open House)


August 9th 3-5pm

August 21st 10-12pm

August 30th 12-7pm (Open House)

The meetings will be held in Building 3 in the 2nd Floor Conference room. 

MAPP Training

5 Consecutive Sundays 10am-4pm

July 14th                 session 1&2

July 21st                  session 3&4

July 28th                 session 5&6

August 4th             session 7&8

August 11th          session 9&10

Registration is important for us to prepare for the class. Please call Daomi Burch in the Foster Parent Support and Recruitment Dept.  At   718 263-0740 ext. 352 or e-mail to provide your name and contact information by July 12, 2019.


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Forest Hills, NY 11375

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