Strong Futures
Forestdale is committed to successful futures for young people

Youth aging out of foster care need love, resources and reassurance.  About 50% end up homeless or in jail within 3 years. 66% of young women in foster care will give birth between their 18th and 22nd birthdays. Former foster children with no college degree earn less than $14,000 a year. Life outcomes for kids leaving foster care must improve. Forestdale commits to making this happen.  

Forestdale’s Strong Futures Program helps young people develop into successful adults. Using a youth-driven model, we provide financial literacy courses, workshops on healthy relationships, trips to cultural events, and educational pre-college and college supports. Through the program, teenagers and young parents receive relationship and sexual health counseling so they learn to make informed decisions regarding their bodies.

Forestdale knows that education is the pathway to a successful life. Forestdale youth achieved a 73% high school graduation rate (compared with a 50% national standard) for children in foster care, and 100% of Forestdale’s seniors who graduated high school were helped to enroll in college in 2015. Forestdale’s new Teaching Kitchen, launching in 2018, will provide nutrition classes, a gathering place where diverse families from across Queens will cook, bond, enjoy a healthy meal together, and pursue careers in culinary arts.

Forestdale ensures that young people are financially empowered, by providing individually tailored approaches to assess job readiness, sharpen interview skills, and find career-track employment.

Working with our partners at High Water Women, TD Charitable Foundation, and Ridgewood Savings Bank, we coach our clients on financial planning, goal setting, and debt reduction.

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